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My Journey in Wushu

     Wushu is my passion in life, it has changed my life and made me a better person, physically, mentally and spiritually. The Chinese term "Wushu" (武术) is consisted of two characters: while "Wu" (武) represents strength and power, "Shu" (术) stands for technique and proficiency. Practicing wushu since I was six years old has given me an incredibly strong and healthy body. More than twenty years of intense professional training in Wushu has helped me develop great physical strength, speed, power, flexibilty, coordination, and balance. Morever, Wushu has made me a mentally tough individual.


     Wushu has an inherent emphasis on discipline, focus, and respect in the martial traditions. Through the teachings of a series of values traditionally known as " Wu De" (武德) - Martial Ethics, which are inseparable from practice in Wushu, I learned self confidence, respect, dedication, loyalty, honesty, self-control, discipline, courage, patience and much more. I have endured much hardship in life; I was born in a small village in rural China, but I have never given up because I know that hard work will always pay off and preserverance is the key to success. More importantly, Wushu has taught me a lot of life lessons and made me a better person spiritually.


     I have begun to appreciate the body, mind, and soul connection through daily practice of Wushu and Taichi. In doing so, I am beginning to understand the true meanings of Ying Yang harmony, compassion, modesty and purity. Furthermore, Wushu has allowed me to travel the world and meet new friends (以武会友). Since I was a young boy, I have traveled to more than 10 countries around Europe being a part of the Shaolin Performance Touring Group. Traveling at a young age broadened my horizons and changed my outlook in life. Now, I have brought Wushu and the best of Chinese martial arts to America after many years of hard training as a professional Wushu athlete and coach.


     I have always enjoyed teaching people of all ages and all levels of physical ability about Wushu and martial arts. I want to use my skills to reach as many people as I can; I want to spread my love and passion for Wushu and have more people enjoy all the benefits of Chinese martial arts; I want to tell my story to all my students; I want to pass on my legacy and share the lessons the lessons I have learned from my own journey in life to all my students: 


"Work hard! Never give up!"

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