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Learn the dynamic art of Wushu! Our curriculum is designed for those interested in the modern sport of wushu, with its explosive power, jump kicks and acrobactic jumps, as well as weapons training. We offer both adult and kid classes.


Tumbling is a skill which blends extremely well with martial arts, especially Wushu! In this fun and structured class, students will learn step-by-step the basics of tumbling beginning with simple postures and rolls, and progressing to aerials, handsprings, and flips. All this is taught with safe padding, equipment, and professional coaching.


Our Traditional Kung Fu Curriculum is aimed at those who would like to follow a more self-defense oriented path. We teach numerous combat applications for all forms, plus joint locking, throws, and grappling techniques.


The ancient martial art of Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan) is now practiced primarily for its health benefits. It is particularly well-suited to people who cannot do more intense aerobics, or for people who prefer a gentler, more relaxing or spiritually fulfilling form of exercise.


Learn the combat aspect of Wushu! Sanshou or Sanda  is a Chinese style of competitive sparring and kickboxing. Building upon Wushu foundations, it gives students the opportunity to take the techniques learned in class and apply it to more realistic combat in practice. 

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